Are BMW cars reliable?

BMW vehicles are well-engineered and solidly constructed using the very latest tools, materials and technologies. This ensures their engines, technologies and overall performance remains reliable. BMWs are subject to vigorous testing in real-world conditions, in accordance with the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP). This means they meet the strict standards needed to go on sale in Europe.

Are BMW parts and repairs expensive?

Maintaining your BMW is a key part of ensuring it continues to perform at its best. The cost of parts and repairs partly depends on which model you choose – for example, the average bill for repairing a 1 Series is less than that for an M3 or X5. BMWs are also premium cars, meaning parts can be more expensive than those of other brands, but bear in mind that this reflects the quality of the manufacturing and their long-term reliability.

Are BMW cars cheap to insure?

Again, the cost of insuring your BMW depends on the model you choose. The price of the vehicle itself will be an indication of the cost of insurance and, of course, adding extras will bump up the premium. But external factors affect insurance too, such as your age and driving history. For an idea of what each of our BMW models costs to insure, contact Snows BMW today.

Are BMW cars safe?

BMW cars feature all sorts of technologies to help both prevent accidents and minimise the risk of injury should one occur. The level of equipment means that many recently tested models – such as the 5 Series, 6 Series and X3 – have all achieved the maximum 5-star rating from the independent safety body, Euro NCAP. This is a recognised and respected authority in automotive safety and security.

What is BMW eDrive?

BMW eDrive refers to the drive system technology that is used in the brand’s electric and hybrid vehicles. It is designed to make significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions while delivering the same great performance that BMW drivers have come to expect.

What is BMW xDrive?

BMW xDrive is the intelligent all-wheel drive system that is included on many of the brand’s models. The system responds quickly, offering effective transfer of engine power to the necessary wheels and enabling you to get maximum driving pleasure in all conditions and on a range of surfaces.

What is BMW M?

BMW M models are the marque’s sportiest vehicles, which feature a range of design elements and technologies that boost performance and offer racetrack styling. Both the exterior and interior have a more sporty feel, while acceleration and top speed are increased for an even more exciting drive.

Where are BMW cars made?

BMW has plants worldwide, with a number of sites across Germany and three here in the UK, in Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall. Other facilities are based in the USA, India and Thailand.