Everything you need for your X-Class in one place.

At Snows Mercedes-Benz Vans in Exeter, you can get all the accessories you'll ever need for your X-Class. You can find anything you need from a hardtop canopy to a full mud flap kit. If you wish to find out more about any of the below accessories or you have any queries, be sure to contact us today or download the official brochure today.

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ProductPriceItem Number
17" Light-Alloy Wheel£251.00^ + VATA4704010200
18" Light-Alloy Wheel£278.00^ +VATA4704010300
19" Light-Alloy Wheel£305.00^ +VATA4704010400


ProductPriceItem Number
Styling Bar For Stand-Alon Or With Soft Tonneau Cover£445.00 ^ +VATPolished Stainless Steel - A4708902000
 £445.00^ +VATSteel Black - A4708902200
Styling Bar For Hard Tonneau Cover£445.00^ +VATPolished Stainless Steel - A4708902300
 £445.00^ +VATSteel Black - A4708902300
Sports Bar£828.00^ +VATA47086092009291
Hardtop Canopy£2,576.00^ +VATWithout Roof Bars - A47079001001288
 £3,005.00^ +VATWith Roof Bars - A47079002009291
Tailgate Spoiler For Sports Bar£104.00^ +VATA47086091009291
Chrome Side-Bar Kits£409.00^ +VATA4708501100


ProductPriceItem Number
Soft Tonneau Cover£637.00 +VATWithout Styling Bar - A4708510900
 £637.00 +VATFor Styling Bar - A4708511000
Hard Tanneau Cover£1,645.00 +VATHard Tonneau Cover - A47085100009291
 £1,645.00 +VATHard Tonneau Cover for Styling Bar - A47085101009291
Roll Cover£1,715.00 +VATRoll Cover Silver Aluminium - A4708511100
 £1,715.00 +VATRoll Cover Black Aluminium - A4708511600
 £1,564.00 +VATRoll Cover for Sports Bar - A4708511200
All-Season Mats£35.20 +VATFront - A47068011009G33
 £21.10 +VATRear - A47068017009G33
Velour Floor Mats£47.90 +VATFront - A47068001009J74
 £26.10 +VATRear - A47068006009J74
Ben Liner Kit£250.00^ +VATA4708511500
Water & Dust Defence Kit£25.20^ +VATA4707410100
Underride Guard£681.00^ +VATA4705200000
Mud Flap Kits£45.60^ +VATFront - A4708900000
 £48.40^ +VATRear - A4708900100


ProductPriceItem Number
USB Power Charger£29.90 +VATA2138200803
Bargmin MAP PILOT SD Card£412.50 +VATA2139063605

Cargo and Storage

ProductPriceItem Number
Locking Storage Box£364.00 +VATA4705800000
Basic Carrier Bars for Roof Rails£190.00 +VATA4708980000
Sliding Bed Divider£348.00 +VATA4708510600
Ratchet Strap with Single-Stuf Ring, Set of 2£43.30 +VATA0008900700


ProductPriceItem Number
KIDFIX XP Child Seat with ISOFIT£350.95 +VATA0009702302
DUO Plus Child Seat with ISOFIX£437.00 +VATA0009701702
BABY-SAFE Plus II Child Seat with Automatic Child Seat Recognition£374.00 +VATA1778202901
Fluorescent Jacket, Compact£7.08 +VATA0005833500