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Technology Ease and comfort The PEUGEOT e-Traveller MPV is devoted to driver comfort.

With elegant materials and cutting-edge technology, the cockpit has a simple and modern design. Specific to the PEUGEOT e-Traveller, the instrument panel that comes with its 3.5” colour display matrix, shows vital driving information such as the driving range status and power meter (charge/eco/power) in real time. The 7” touch screen and other ergonomic equipment, such as the Heads-Up Display, are always visible and within easy reach.

Connected navigation with voice recognition, including automatic TomTom map updating and real-time traffic and danger zones make journeys a lot easier. PEUGEOT Mirror Screen allows you to access compatible smartphone apps via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which can be used directly on the 7” touch screen.

Travel with peace of mind with the MyPeugeot app. You can simplify your vehicle management and road trips with all the services specially designed to facilitate your energy transition: PEUGEOT Easy-Charge, PEUGEOT easy-Move and PEUGEOT Easy-Care.

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Safety Fantastic Features The PEUGEOT e-Traveller puts safety at the forefront with a handful of highly intelligent driving aids:

• VisioPark1 – the rear-view camera provides a 180 degree aerial view of the rear of your MPV and its surroundings. It will automatically zoom in if there are any obstacles at the rear of the PEUGEOT e-Traveller, with additional views on demand.

• Active Safety Brake – this automatic emergency braking system will intervene if it senses an imminent collision. The camera and radar will detect any moving or static obstacles and if the driver fails to brake, either sufficiently or at all, the system will activate the braking system instead of the driver.

• Road Sign Recognition and Speed Limit Recommendation – The multi-function camera recognises speed limit signs and notifies the driver of the speed limit on the instrument panel and/ or on the head-up display.

PEUGEOT e-Traveller