All-New Peugeot 2008 SUV

TECHNOLOGY LUXURY COMFORT Enrich every journey with the use of i-Cockpit®. An intuitive driving position, compact steering wheel, 10” capacitive touchscreen and 3D digital head-up display all provide an immersive driving experience like no other. Smart technologies such as TomTom ® Traffic with real-time updates, fuel prices, car parks, weather and local services plus Mirror Screen® connectivity, wireless charging and Open & Go keyless entry also feature (trim level dependent). And, should you forget to lock the All-New 2008 SUV on departure, the system will automatically lock and confirm this with an audible signal.

Inside the cabin of the New 2008 SUV, seat upholstery comes with qualify fabrics like Alcantara® or leather and GT Line versions come with heated front seats as standard. The driver’s seat also offers a massage function, controlled electronically (according to trim level). Comfort and space are maximised and both are complimented by the opening panoramic glass roof which bathes the cabin in natural light. A premium Focal® Hi-Fi sound system also features, according to version.

DRIVE THE FUTURE-PROOF SUV Tackle a variety of weather and terrains with Advanced Grip Control®, a system designed to optimise traction in low-grip conditions by selecting one of the following three modes: sand, mud or snow. It adapts to the terrain by acting on the front wheels and in doing so, saves the weight normally associated with a more conventional four wheel drive system. You can also control your speed on steep slopes with Hill Assist Descent Control.

The all-new Peugeot 2008 SUV also offers the latest driving aids and safety features, including Drive Assist which incorporates Lane Positioning Assist and Lane Departure Warning. The lane positioning system and adaptive speed regulator with Stop & Go functionality automatically adapts your speed to the match the car in front, maintaining a safe stopping distance.