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Technology i-Cockpit® reinvented The Peugeot 3008 SUV HYBRID4’s i-Cockpit® allows for the display of driving information in the driver’s field of vision. At any moment, the driver can view the driving mode (Electric, Sport, Hybrid or 4WD), electric range remaining, remaining fuel level and the power meter which indicates the use of energy (ECO*, POWER**, CHARGE***) as well as the start-up of the combustion engine.

The 8" capacitive HD touchscreen provides access to configuration functions e.g. battery charging and to driving information.

With the MyPeugeot app, you can check the range of the battery, progress and charge level of the vehicle, consumption statistics of your journeys and receive charging advice. Anytime. Anywhere. You can also control certain functions of your vehicle remotely, directly through the app such as active and plan charging to take advantage of non-peak hour pricing and configuration of the thermal preconditioning of the passenger compartment (heating or cooling the car while it's charging does not affect the current range).

*Eco = optimisation of energy, **Power = maximum power, ***Charge = regeneration/partial charging of the battery

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Charging Speed and simplicity Once plugged in, an array of colours will indicate the level at which the battery is charged. The time required to charge the battery varies depending on the power of the charging point and the power of the charger*.

You will need to buy an accessory cable if you wish to charge from a domestic socket, as Peugeot does not recommend this as a daily charging solution. Charging from a Type 2 (Mode 3) dedicated electric vehicle charging point is the recommended way to charge your vehicle on a daily basis. This cable is provided as standard with the vehicle. The majority of public charging points in the UK are Type 2 sockets, which will charge your vehicle at the following accelerated charge times (0-100%: less than 4 hours charge time @ 3.7kW with the standard on board charger or 0-100%: less than 2 hours charge time @ 7.4kW with the optional upgrade on board charger), depending on the power of the charging point and your on board charger.

**On board charger power – standard 3.7kW, optional 7.4kW