The new SEAT Leon technology
Technology At the heart of the SEAT Leon’s infotainment system is the SEAT Digital Cockpit, which brings together a hi-res 10.25-inch fully-customisable instrument cluster. The standard media system features an 8.25-inch touchscreen with Full Link, offering seamless Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay functionality so you can control Google Maps or your Spotify playlists more easily than ever before. A larger 10-inch Navi screen is available from ‘SE Dynamic’ models upwards with gesture recognition and voice control.

The SEAT Leon also features CarX2 connectivity – a cloud-based technology that enables drivers to receive advanced warning on the status of upcoming traffic lights, whether they’re about to turn green or red, or an incident on a motorway further up the road, with traffic information appearing in real-time on screen.

Away from the vehicle, users can remotely access driving data such as miles covered, range, parking position and to lock or unlock doors.

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Safety Five-star assistance systems The Leon is the safest car SEAT has ever developed; designed to see more of its surroundings and react to obstacles faster thanks to a host of updated and completely new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Bringing together predictive Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Emergency Assist 3.0, the SEAT Leon offers optimum protection to all occupants.

To maintain safety and meet legal requirements, the driver must continually monitor the system and their surroundings, keeping at least one hand on the steering wheel. If the vehicle senses that the driver has taken both hands off the wheel for more than 15 seconds, they will receive audible and visual warnings and a braking jolt can be given. If the driver continues to fail to respond, the Emergency Assist 3.0 system can bring the Leon to a complete stop.

The new SEAT Leon safety features