SEAT MÓ 125 electric motorcycle riding modes
Drive Perfect for both city and country driving. Move in and out of the city with three different driving modes. You can choose from:
• Eco mode which reduces your battery consumption.
• City mode which offers the optimal combination of battery consumption and performance.
• Sport mode which makes you faster and gives you more power.

Thanks to a 9kW electric motor that is built into the rear wheel, the SEAT MÓ gives you the same power as a 125cc motorcycle, a maximum speed of 59mph and an acceleration that goes from 0-31mph in just 3.9 seconds. On a single charge, the SEAT MÓ provides a generous range of up to 87 miles** which is perfect for commuters or weekend trips.

Because the SEAT MÓ 125 scooter is equivalent to a 125cc class scooter, you will need to hold one of the following licences to ride one:
• A1 (Scooter under 11kw)*
• A2 (11kw to 35kw scooter)

* Applicable to mopeds & scooters that are 49cc and limited to 31mph. **May not reflect real world driving. Range will vary depending on battery choice and a number of other factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving style and vehicle load.

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My SEAT MÓ App The world at your fingertips. With the My SEAT MÓ App, you can stay connected to your scooter no matter where you are. By using the app, drivers can get real time updates and alerts from their smartphone, including:

• Battery level checks
• Location tracks
• Total mileage reviews
• CO2 emission checks
• Low battery warning
• Anti-theft alarm
• Battery temperature warning
• Maintenance warning

For more information on the SEAT MÓ 125, contact Snows SEAT Southampton.

My SEAT MÓ app