Accident Aftercare at Snows Accident Repair Centre

across Southampton, catering for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Experiencing an accident out on the road can be a traumatic and unforgettable experience, requiring you to take time to get back out on the road. Of course, incidents can also be minor in scale, causing minimal damage to your vehicle and leaving you completely unscathed. In either situation, however, you will be required to go through a number of stages to ensure you’re once again able to get behind the wheel safely and confidently.

At Snows, we’re delighted to provide complete accident management support at our Accident Repair Centre. Our workshops, which are perfectly located for anyone in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight, will manage every aspect of getting you mobile, starting with taking your call via our Snows Accident Aftercare line on 02383 358062. This initial call will lead our accident management service provider - Auxillis Limited - to determine whether you qualify for our non-fault or fault accident service.

Non-fault Accidents

Those that qualify for our non-fault accident service will be able to benefit from a level of customer support that provides many advantages. For instance, we will:

Arrange for your undriveable vehicle to be recovered and taken to our Snows Accident Repair Centre, regardless of its location in the UK

Provide a replacement vehicle of a similar quality during the time your vehicle is being repaired

Provide a level of repair that meets manufacturer standards, making use of manufacturer parts and completed by experienced professionals

Offer expert advice and guidance, meaning you will not need to claim on your own insurance or pay any excess.

Fault Accidents

For those found at fault for any accident, our service is tailored to still provide as much support and guidance as possible. We will discuss all actions prior to completion, thereby ensuring you’re aware of any responsibilities or costs you will face. You will also benefit from:

A Snows courtesy car for the duration of repairs (subject to availability)

Our team liaising with your insurance company to obtain authority for any work

Manufacturer levels of servicing and repairs, using genuine parts

Collection of your vehicle, subject to terms and conditions. 

*Circumstances apply. Contact us for more information

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