The Benefits Learn more about the benefits of going electric There are many reasons why making the change to electric power is recommended, not least because you will be able to benefit from improved running costs and cleaner performance. Electric vehicles emit no CO2, making them better for the environment around us and not requiring petrol or diesel to run. Instead, the battery is charged via the electrical grid and is clean and affordable. Plus, there’s fewer mechanical issues to be experienced, while tax and congestion charges aren’t applicable to such models.
How to Charge Find out how to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle Whether at home or on the go, a host of electric vehicle charging solutions enables you to keep your model topped up at all times. A variety of home installation options lets you charge batteries overnight, while high powered, fast-charging public points are available throughout the UK to provide quick top ups when required.

Electric & Hybrid Explained

Find out how different types of electric and hybrid vehicles work

Toyota provides a variety of electric and hybrid options, so understanding the differences between what’s available is key. From all-electric to self-charging mild-hybrid performance, the range of models provides something for most needs, so click through the options below to learn more about what’s on offer.