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Toyota Hybrid Cars in Hampshire, Devon & West Sussex

Fall in love with driving again...

No hassles or special equipment required. It's about simplicity, not gimmicks. It's about technology that's ready to go when, and wherever you are. It means a return to driving where you feel less stressed by your journey. Discover how stress free driving a Toyota can be.

It's about a Hybrid range of cars that make it easy to fall in love with driving again.

Life's Simpler than you think with a Toyota Hybrid

No Cables, no sockets, no waiting around – just jump behind the wheel and go.

And when the battery runs low, the petrol engine charges it back up again. But that's not all, when you press the brakes, that energy is recycled to charge the battery, too. Simple really…

Toyota Hybrid
Toyota Hybrid

The Battery in our Hybrids is as important as the engine. Without it, you won't be going anywhere.

That's why we lovingly engineer each and every battery to live as long as the rest of the car.

Nothing makes us prouder to know that these batteries have been powering everyday lives, all around the world since 1997.

We don't do complicated. Our Hybrids have been created to make things easier for you.

It begins when you push the start button – no key, no fuss. Then simply nudge the lever into D and enjoy smooth, jerk-free progress.

And it only gets easier, as the Hybrid system controls itself, switching between electric and petrol engines at the optimum time, so all you have to do is drive.

Toyota Hybrid

Discover our Hybrids

Fall in love with driving again.

Explore the range below...

Yaris Hybrid

Yaris Hybrid

Our smallest hybrid, perfect for urban life or the open road.

Auris Hybrid

Auris Hybrid

The super-stylish, compact family car filled with innovations.

Auris Touring

Auris Touring

It's the Auris but supersized for bigger family adventures.

Prius Hybrid


Our most popular model with over 3 million sold worldwide.

Prius + Hybrid

Prius + Hybrid

All the benefits of a Prius, in a seven-seater model.

C-HR Hybrid


Built for practicality with a modern style in mind.

RAV4 Hybrid


​With lots of space, it's perfect for a family trip.