The Benefits of Electric Driving Driving an electric car provides a host of benefits to modern motorists, with smooth and comfortable motoring complemented by exceptional running costs and zero CO2 emissions. What’s more, the all-electric nature of the powertrain means you can experience 100% torque from standstill, letting you accelerate with a level of effectiveness you will never have enjoyed before.

Of course, for many, the major advantage of going electric is the cost of driving. Electric vehicles operate on a cost-per-mile basis that is a fraction of that of a petrol or diesel model, while charging costs - both at home and in public - are more than affordable. In addition, electric vehicles are not subject to road tax or congestion charges, and maintenance fees are often more affordable due to there being fewer moving components compared to a combustion engine.
Economy, Charging and Batteries Depending on the model you choose, the CUPRA electric vehicles available can provide up to 340 miles on a full charge, meaning you will easily be able to complete a week’s average commute. With both domestic and public charging solutions available too, keeping your vehicle topped up with power is simple, with slow and fast charge options among those available.

When purchasing an electric CUPRA, you’ll be provided with full details on the charging solutions available. Our experts will detail all you need to know regarding charging times and range, and you can even tailor your driving style in order to maximise the total range you can achieve throughout your travels.

Why Choose CUPRA Electric?

CUPRA vehicles are renowned for their magnificent performance, incredible style, and cutting-edge technology. With hybrid and electric options now available too, you will be able to get behind the wheel of a model that offers the same exacting qualities alongside emissions-free, cost-effective motoring. The current selection - detailed below - offers plenty of choice and appeal, so click through to learn more about the specifics of each option now.