What is the New Vehicle Payment?

In February 2022, Motability announced a new payment to aid the increasing costs of vehicles due to global shortages.

The New Vehicle Payment has been increased as of March 2023 to £750 and is available on cars and WAVs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles). You can send this payment directly to the dealership to use towards your Advance Payment, or Motability will send it into your account once you've taken delivery!

For further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact your local Snows dealership, a member of the team will be more than happy to assist.

When is the New Vehicle Payment paid?

There are two options when it comes to receiving your New Vehicle Payment.

  1. Motability will send the payment directly to your nominated dealership to go towards your Advance Payment if there is one. If your Advance Payment exceeds £750, you'll have to pay the difference. If it's less, Motability will send you the remainder once you've taken delivery of your new vehicle. You can only use the £750 towards your Advance Payment, it cannot be used against the cost of adaptations or accessories.
  2. Alternatively, Motability will send the payment directly to your account once you've taken delivery of your new car within a few weeks.

How much will I receive and how?

If you're eligible, Motability will send you a one-off payment of £750.

If you've already had your £250 New Vehicle Payment, you'll receive another payment of £500, taking your total payment to £750.

You'll receive these payments by bank transfer if you've saved your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account. If not, you'll get a cheque. There's no need to contact Motability if you're eligible, these payments are automatically sent.

If you've not already signed up to a Motability Scheme online account, you can do so by clicking here.

Does the New Vehicle Payment replace the Good Condition Bonus?

No - you'll still receive your Good Condition Bonus at the end of your lease if your vehicle is in good condition.

I already have a car or WAV on the Motability Scheme, do I receive the New Vehicle Payment?

You'll become eligible for the New Vehicle Payment when you get your next vehicle.

Any further questions, please contact us today or visit your nearest Snows dealership

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