As a driver, you have a considerable effect on the range of your EV or PHEV, which means there are things you can do to get the most out of its battery.

High Speeds Speeds of more than 70mph tend to cause a noticeable drop in range. This is due in part to the lack of gears featured in the majority of EVs because, the faster you go, the quicker the motor is required to spin.
Erratic Acceleration Measured acceleration will help to deliver enhanced range, and if your car has an ECO driving mode, you’ll get even more from your battery.
More Passengers The heavier the load, the less range-efficient it’s likely to be. Obviously, there’s little you can do about this if you need to transport a full complement of passengers. However, it’s worth bearing in mind, as is the amount of cargo you need to carry.


EV batteries are sensitive to changes in temperature, externally and internally.

Hot and Cold Temperatures Extremes of temperature have the most detrimental effect on range. For instance, it’s reasonable to expect 15% to 20% fewer miles from your EV in the winter as opposed to the summer. Conversely, an overheated battery caused by especially high temperatures will likely trigger a reduction in range.
Heating and Cooling How much you use your car’s air-conditioning system will have an impact on range because pumping cool or warm air around the cabin requires battery power, which also provides range.
Wind Strength When you drive into a strong headwind, your car needs to work harder to combat the increased air resistance, which means more battery energy is required.


Tyre Pressure Underinflated tyres lead to increased rolling resistance, which means that more battery power is expended.
Tyre Quality and Road Surface Tyres with a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm perform better and are safer than those with a smaller tread depth. Furthermore, they put less pressure on a car’s powertrain and therefore battery.
Battery Degradation Whether it’s a smartphone or an electric vehicle, battery degradation is a fact of life. However, if you consider all of the above points when driving, you’ll help your battery to last longer and deliver optimal range.