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An MOT Check is one of the most complicated and rigorous inspections your car will have. For peace of mind and reassurance, bring your vehicle to one of our Approved Dealerships and have Manufacturer Trained Technicians carry out your MOT Check, for less than you might think.

Here at Snows, we have a network of 50 Franchised Dealerships and an additional 3 Approved Service Centres, offering MOT Testing across the South and South West of England.


To arrange an MOT booking, simply select the model of your vehicle below:

What is an MOT Check, and when is it due?

Once your vehicle reaches 3 years of age, it will require an annual MOT (Ministry of Transportation test) to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. The MOT Check will comprise a standard inspection of over 150 safety and emissions related systems, including lights, wheels and tyres, steering, brakes, and suspension. Once your vehicle has passed it's MOT Check, you will be issued a VT20 ceritificate. It is a legal requirement to have a valid MOT certificate for your vehicle(s). Without an MOT certificate, you are unable to renew your Road Tax and your car may not be insured.

Why should I have my MOT Check carried out with a Manufacturer Approved Dealership?

By bringing your vehicle to one of our Approved Service Facilities, you can rest assured that your MOT Check is being carried out by Manufacturer Trained Technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment. Furthermore, should your vehicle require any repairs, we will only ever use Genuine Manufacturer Parts, which often come with a guarantee.

We have professional Service Advisors who will provide exceptional care and service on your visit, and our Dealerships are equipped with comfortable waiting areas and complimentary refreshments, should you choose to wait whilst your MOT Check is carried out. Alternatively, if you want to leave your vehicle with us, we can often provide alternative transport.

Should you have any queries regarding your MOT Check, please do not hesitate to contact your local Snows dealership.

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