Useful tips when buying your first new car

Have no fear first time buyers, the helpful guide you have been looking for is here! Snows are providing you with all the tips and advice you need about buying a brand new vehicle for the very first time...

Your first car will always have a place in your heart. Unforgettable no matter what, it is the key to freedom (and a break for your parents’ taxi business!) - That’s why it’s important to make sure it's a good one! This guide helps make sure that you end up with a reliable, suitable and affordable first car, but most importantly, a great one.

Why a new car is a good option:

Don't think that just because it is a brand new model, it will be more costly. There are lots of benefits and reassuring extras that come with buying a new car, and all the offers and leasing schemes that are made available can make these vehicles far more affordable.

New cars also come with a longer warranty to cover you for breakdowns and repairs, which is not the same for second hand vehicles, meaning less security and possible bills eating into your savings.

Finance deals

Looking out for a good deal is a great way to steal a bargain. Certain offers may mean that you can find an affordable brand new model that works out more beneficial than buying a second hand car. Low rate finance such as 0% APR (which means you pay no interest on your repayments) and low monthly payments are often available on smaller models throughout our brands. You will have to undergo a credit check to ensure you are eligible for finance, but most of the time people are accepted with no problem. Snows provide a wide range of money saving offers on our latest vehicles, which you can discover here.

Tackling that pesky insurance...

One of the main setbacks about owning a car is the behind-the-scenes costs that come with it. The insurance being a large feature in this, especially for young new drivers. Cars are given an insurance grouping from 1-50 based on the performance, price, safety, security and the cost of repairing. If you go for a car that has a low insurance group you should have a lower insurance premium, meaning these are the best cars to go for if you are keeping an eye on expenses. Watch out for special offers from some of our brands such as Toyota, Peugeot, Citroen and SEAT, who sometimes include 1 year’s free insurance!

There are also a few useful methods that can potentially lower the premium on your car, such as insuring a second driver (this used to bring insurance down but has recently been putting some people’s insurance up – so be careful and compare costs with and without a second driver), setting a high excess (the amount you contribute to repair claims) and including limited-mileage-policies. And of course the black box insurance (or telematics as it’s otherwise known) can reduce costs if you stick to the speed limits and drive smoothly - Our Peugeot & Citroen brands often do offers that include a telematics box which you can view here.

Safety first

You are more likely to receive the latest safety kit in a newer car model, meaning you will have a more reliable and secure vehicle for your first car. Any current model should also have anti-lock brakes and the appropriate amount of airbags located in the front and rear. With second hand cars you can’t always be assured these features will be included. Another trustworthy and important factor to look out for is whether the vehicle has been safety assessed by Euro NCAP, a useful thing to check on the report before you buy.

Think ahead...

It is always best to do the research and check the reliability of the vehicle that you are interested in. Also think about how to make yourself safer behind the wheel, by looking into schemes such as PassPlus that aims to make you even more confident on the road after you've just passed your driving test.

Looking for your first car today?

Discover more about what we have to offer at Snows and find what vehicle is ideal for your very own first car. If you have any further questions you can make an enquiry, or talk to a member of our team directly and contact us.