Why not take the Hybrid Challenge and discover the benefits of electric power with Snows Toyota!

If you are thinking about getting a more fuel-efficient car, then you may be interested in seeing how the Toyota Hybrid Challenge can benefit you...

Times are a changing.

The internal combustion engine has been put on notice by governments around the world, with older polluting vehicles facing hefty levies and city centre bans. Many motorists are now buying hybrid petrol-electric cars, a trend reflected in the latest September 2017 figures by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Petrol and diesel is expensive and few of us can afford to be cavalier about the costs or the environmental impacts from fossil fuel usage. Which is why Toyota Hybrid has come up with a fun, engaging and thought-provoking way to show you how you can save fuel and reduce emissions.

More than 10 million people have chose Toyota Hybrid cars, with the pioneering Prius in 1997 blazing the trail for green-minded motorists ever since. To demonstrate the benefits of Hybrid, Snows Toyota invites you to take the Hybrid Challenge and see how far you can travel in electric mode on a test drive...

A device is fitted to your test drive car so you can view the feedback figures back at the showroom – it will make for pleasant reading.

To date we have found that on average at least half of test drive journeys are completed in electric mode. This means that no fuel is being used and, because our cars are petrol-electric, you never have to plug the car in – it recharges itself. More than 6,700 Hybrid test drives have taken place to date, covering 105,172 miles, with five-star satisfaction from customers. For example, one motorist who drove 19.4 miles in a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid covered 53% of the journey on electric power!

According to Hybrid Challenge test drive date, the average percentage of journey time spent in electric mode is 57% on on Yaris, Auris, C-HR and RAV4 Hybrid test drives. Our Hybrid vehicles offer significant savings on fuel costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and a smooth, stress-free drive. Hybrids don't behave like most cars. They recycle energy and have two engines working in harmony to deliver figures as impressively low as three litres of petrol consumed per 100km.

A noticeable return - and one that can be further reduced when driving in Eco Mode. Of course, if you want to eliminate that figure completely, simply select electric EV-mode, go easy on the pedal and you won’t use a single drop when accelerating up to 50km/h.

As the hybrid leader, Toyota offers an ever-growing range of seven hybrid models for everyone and everything. From the city-slicking Yaris Hybrid, the spacious Auris Hybrid hatchback and Touring Sports, the RAV4 – the original compact SUV – to the three-car Prius family, there’s a Hybrid match for you.

But, first, see how far you can go in electric mode with our Hybrid Challenge...

Snows has seven Toyota dealerships in the South and South West, located in Exeter, Hedge End, Honiton, Paignton, Plymouth, Southampton, and Waterlooville. The Group prides itself on its reputation and dedication to delivering excellent customer service, and is rewarded by the fact that over half of its business comes from returning customers. With Snows, driving becomes an experience, rather than a chore.

Author: Ron Wain

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Posted on 19/10/2017