The Lexus NX 300h Handover.

Becca Chaplin from Car Dealer comes to Lexus in Hedge End for a handover.

Thursday 16th February 2017 was the handover of the New Lexus NX 300h FSport to Becca Chaplin from Car Dealer. This full hybrid is economical and comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, which our visitor was keen to try out when driving the car. The ambitious yet sleek FSport design makes this Lexus stand out in any environment, the NX is immediately impressive. Its interior is packed with high technology and intelligence, such as keyless entry on all four doors, electric tail gate, memory settings for the seat positioning, navigation display screen and many more features. This Lexus is an attractive car at a base price of £38,245.00 and the ability to go 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds while releasing just 121 g/km of combined CO2 emission. The 2.5 litre engine is guaranteed to give an impressive and powerful drive.

Dan Palmer, a Used Car Controller for Lexus at Hedge End, guided Becca through the NX 300h and its high tech installations. Becca Chaplin explained how she was particularly impressed by the speakers and the quality of the sound, an important feature for music lovers like herself. The handover was informative and descriptive as Becca later joked how she "thought I knew it all" about the Lexus. Proving the New NX 300h FSport can surprise and inspire most car enthusiasts that get to experience it. The innovative and advanced technology of the Lexus also lends high quality safety and security with parking assistance and sensors. Just one of the functions that the interactive display screen provides you.

We look forward to finding out how Car Dealer review the Lexus as they plan on test driving it for six months. This is the first Lexus that Becca has owned long term and we are confident it will not disappoint. It will definitely be interesting to find out her comparison between this great car and others that she has owned in the past.

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Author: Sophie Taylor

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