Snows Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is a reminder to dedicate our time, resources and energy to helping climate change and various other environmental issues. It’s important to protect our Earth for our children, their children and even their children in years to come. This years theme is ‘invest In Our Planet’ and here’s some ways you can get involved this Earth Day!

Purchase a reusable water bottle!

By switching to a reusable water bottle, you could save up to 150 single-use plastic bottles every year and benefit from a more sustainable way to re-fill time and time again! Lowering the use of plastic bottles will reduce plastic waste in landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You may feel like you can’t change the world by making small changes but if we all group together to make those changes, we’ll protect our Earth for the future.

Car share where possible!

A bit of an obvious one – car sharing leads to less cars on the road which causes less emissions and congestion – a win win all round! Car emissions are the largest contributor to climate change, so reducing it is key to the conversion of our environment. The average cost of owning a new car is $9,282 per year, car sharing could actually save you money!

Make the switch to an electric vehicle!

With no tailpipe, pure electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions when on the road, considerably reducing air pollution caused by standard petrol/diesel engines. Increased use of electric cars can help improve air quality particularly in big towns and cities. Electric ranges have increased over the past few years as technology evolves reducing range anxiety, an electric car could fit perfectly into your life and save you money!

Did you know one electric car can save an average of 1.5 million grams of carbon dioxide?

From big family SUV’s to small city cars, there are a range of electric vehicles on the market to tick every requirement. Find out more about electric cars here: