The old ways of driving power are being left behind. It's time to prepare for the Hybrid transformation...

Snows Toyota want to educate you in the ways of Hybrid and how life can be made easier from alternative power in terms of cost, noise and of course, pollution.

Latest news has revealed that future plans for diesel and petrol cars is that they will be abolished from our roads in the year 2040. In the battle to help save the environment and make our roads cleaner, electric and hybrid vehicles have been hit with a huge boost in demand and development. More research, technology and engineering expertise is being applied to cars of the future.

In preparation for this energy innovation, Snows Toyota are providing all the information on how Hybrid works and why this is the way forward.

How does Hybrid Work?

The idea behind hybrid is a partnership between two engines: one petrol and one electric. These two types of engine power will work together in an efficient, smooth and responsive way.

Performance is guaranteed to be steady and reliable with this smart engineering method. What's more, if you should need even more power along your journey, simply press the power button and you will be met by an immediate reaction.

Whatever the journey, you will have intelligence behind the power:

  • Uphill: Both the engines will power the vehicle at maximum performance.
  • Deceleration and Braking: The system recycles kinetic energy to charge the battery.
  • Overtaking: Both engines power the vehicle to deliver maximum performance in a responsive manner, so you can achieve any obstacle along your journey.
  • Standstill: Both engines will automatically switch off so that no energy is wasted.

Why not watch the video on the right to find out the full dynamics in even more detail...

It's all about emissions.

Due to a harmonious partnership between an electric and a petrol engine, Hybrid emissions show off some chart-topping statistics.

Starting from as small as 70g per km for a family car, you really can't beat it. Some of the best economy figures are as impressively low as just 3 litres of petrol consumed per 100km.

To push the limit even further, when driving in EV-mode you can drive up to 50km/h without producing any emissions whatsoever and with an extra smooth ride. CO2 is made a thing of the past!

For even more of a zero-emission journey, why not consider a Plug-in Hybrid? With all the benefits of our Toyota Hybrid models and an extended electric driving range, you can enjoy even more zero-emission journeys,

Time to face the facts...

Life is made easier when you have Hybrid:

  • Easy to drive - All Toyota Hybrid cars are automatic, meaning they simply have the confidence to drive themselves!
  • Two engines working in bliss - Experience the best of both worlds from seamlessly quiet electric and some extra petrol-power to tackle every road.
  • Batteries that won't need plugging in - any excess power from the engine and regenerative braking is used to recharge the battery.
  • We have the ideal Hybrid for you - with seven different Toyota models to choose from, we can guarantee that we have something to suit everyone.
  • No big figures involved - both your wallet and the environment are saved when you need less fuel and have lower emissions.

Snows has seven Toyota dealerships in the South and South West, located in Exeter, Hedge End, Honiton, Paignton, Plymouth, Southampton, and Waterlooville. The Group prides itself on its reputation and dedication to delivering excellent customer service, and is rewarded by the fact that over half of its business comes from returning customers. With Snows, driving becomes an experience, rather than a chore.

Author: Sophie Taylor

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Posted on 15/11/2017