What is Big Love?

Big Love is the optimistic MINI attitude to life, the feeling of being a part of something greater than ourselves. It's what drives us forward and guides everything we do. It's about seeing the beauty in individuality and the brilliant potential in new perspectives and creative ways of thinking. It's the powerful inspiration to make an impact and the motivation to do more with less. It's constantly innovating and asking questions not everyone thinks of.

MINI is built on Big Love. A spirit of community that's captured hearts and imagination for over 60 years. It is our inspiration to help build a brighter future for each other and our planet.

Recently, MINI has been forming partnerships with organisations like Dogs Trust, Joe Wicks and Parkrun to help uplift the nation with Big Love.

But Big Love starts at home, too. And it's open to everyone in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. From making small changes in our Centre to making bigger changes in our local community, together, we aim to make a real difference.

We're 100% committed to Big Love, and with that...

Big Love

Keep your eyes peeled! We've something coming soon and we would like as many of you involved as possible.

Our goal is to get everyone behind Big Love and the good it brings to each and every one of us.

Have a look over other events that have been held looking to build strong partnerships.

Joe Wick