Snows Mazda Welcome the MX-30

Award-winning Motor Group, Snows Mazda, Welcome the New MX-30. Their First All-Electric Vehicle.

Performance - Emotion - Electrified

Why Choose the Mazda MX-30 B-EV?

The MX-30 B-EV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is Mazda's first all-electric vehicle and has been developed for those who are wanting to start adventuring in an Electric Vehicle, but don't want to sacrifice driving pleasure as a result. The interior of the MX30 B-EV combines style, quality, comfort and sustainable materials to ensure the perfect environment for drivers and passengers alike. Incorporating Mazda's characteristic quality and high-levels of standard equipment, the MX-30’s cabin is bespoke to Mazda’s first production electric vehicle, yet familiar to those adopting to an EV for the first time.

You can read more about the Interior and Exterior Features of the MX30 B-EV, by following this link - MX30 at Snows Mazda.

Should You Make The Change?

With no new Petrol and/or Diesel Vehicles to be sold in the UK after 2035, there is currently a real momentum around getting all drivers into 'cleaner' vehicles; but people are still unclear about what this switch involves. Before EVs become a viable option for everyone, the common concerns need to be discussed.

The Current Concerns of EV Driving:

Range Anxiety

'Range Anxiety' refers to the fear that an EV cannot reach its destination due to insufficient charge and/or mile range, (even when fully charged); and is one of the main concerns shared when considering the switch to Electric Driving. This anxiety is even more prominent when considering long-distance journeys, or when travelling a route that there might be a lack of charging points. The Mazda MX30 B-EV has an approximate mile range of 124. However, with the daily commute to and from work in the UK being approximately 25 miles, this makes the MX30 B-EV the ideal vehicle for urban commuting and all your other local journeys.

Charging Issues/Charging Anxiety

One of the most common fears amongst making the change from standard, to Electric Driving, is the fear of having to charge the vehicle. But is this a thing of the past?

'Charging Anxiety' specifically refers to feelings of uncertainty surrounding the accessibility and/or using a Charging Point. Despite Electric Vehicles becoming increasingly popular, many people do still experience this, so much so, that is now considered one of the major psychological barriers preventing people from getting an EV.

But what is being done about Charge Anxiety? The UK Government are currently investing Millions (£) into the installation of accessible, public charging points; they understand that there is a need to meet the need for more Charging Points as the number of Electric Vehicle ownership increases. They aim to reassure drivers, that even if you travelling long distances, Charging Anxiety should not be a reason not to avoid the change to Electric Vehicles, sooner than is expected.

How to Overcome Charge Anxiety

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Apps. Using EV Apps, such as Octopus Electroverse or Zap-Map, can really help drivers' peace of mind when travelling in an EV; these work by searching your live location for nearby charging points.
  • Be Prepared. As obvious as this sounds, this can often be overlooked. Ensure your EV is fully-charged before beginning a long journey and remember to check that your final destination is capable of public and/or home charging.

Despite the concerns surrounding Electric Driving, there are also many benefits of making the change, to name a few:

  • Better for the Environment
  • Lower Fuel Costs and Low Running Costs
  • Recharge at Home
  • More Efficient Driving
  • The Future, The Now

For more information on the switch to B-EVs, click Here.

The Mazda MX-30 on Motability

The MX-30 B-EV Motability Model has been designed with a cutting-edge vehicle design and is an all-round, excellent family car; with it's easily accessible cabin and large boot space. The MX-30 is available on the Motability Scheme in Prime-Line, Exclusive-Line and Makato trim levels. These models and the current deals we have, can be viewed on our website - HERE!

Our current Motability Deals at Snows Mazda are Stronger than Ever. The MX30 B-EV is currently on the offer on Motability Scheme with:

*No Advanced Payment*, *£1000 Cashback* and *0% APR*.

At our Snows Mazda branches in Portsmouth and Chichester, we have fully-trained Motability experts available for you to finding your ideal MX-30 Motability trim, make any required adjustments. Learn more about the Motability Scheme or our Motability deals by Contacting Us or viewing our Motability Page online.

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