National Puppy Day is here!

March 23rd is National Puppy Day, celebrated across the world – but particularly here in the UK and in the US.

National Puppy Day was established in the US to help bring awareness to the importance of adopting, and it quickly spread to the UK and other countries

It’s hard to resist cooing over a puppy, or even a fully grown dog for some! At Snows, we know that lots of our customers think about their dogs’ needs when it comes to buying a car – which is why we hosted the Mutts and Minis event in December!

It’s important to show that all car ranges can be suitable for your canine companions, not just Minis, so we asked customers and staff across our brands to send us pictures of their pups* in their cars, and they did not hold back!

At the end of the month, staff will be voting on their favourite - let the cutest dog win!

As cute as these pictures are, it was important that we made sure both staff and customers were responsible when taking pictures of their pups in their cars.

If you’re stuck on ways to celebrate this day, we’ve listed a couple of options below.

  • Take your dog on a long drive to somewhere new
    • Just like us humans, dogs enjoy exploring new places and having an abundance of new smells to sniff. They might even make a new friend or two!
  • Start teaching them a new trick
    • The idiom ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is, thankfully, incorrect. Dogs are inquisitive by nature, and with enough training, your dog will definitely pick up a new trick or two!
  • Bake them a batch of new treats
    • There are lots of pup-friendly recipes online that you can get stuck into baking for your pet. Not into baking? Not a problem – frozen treats are just as good, especially when the summer time arrives.
  • Go to a puppy or dog outdoor meet up
    • Large group meet ups are increasingly popular, especially within certain, popular breeds. Why not have a look online to see if there are any group meet ups near you?

Not a dog owner? That’s okay! There are plenty of ways you can get involved, like by volunteering at your local shelter, donating to a charity such as Dog’s Trust, or even borrowing a pup through the Borrow My Doggy app.

We can’t wait for National Dog Day in August!

*Every dog can be considered a pup, let’s be honest. That’s why we didn’t discriminate against older dogs with this event.