Questions you might have about the All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X

The All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X has an iconic presence with a design fit for city style and performance ready to take on outdoor adventures.

We're here to answer a few questions that you might have about Toyota's first full-electric vehicle, known as the 'Ultimate All Electric SUV'.

You can watch our full video now as Presenter Sophie Fisher took the bZ4X out for a drive:


Behind The Scenes: Shots from our shoot with the bZ4X.

What's the range?

The type of vehicle and the size of the battery determines the range of an electric vehicle. In addition to this, as with any vehicle, however it is powered, the range also depends on a number of factors such as weather and driving style.

The maximum range of our electric vehicles is impressive, for example, our All-New All-Electric​ Toyota bZ4X has a range of up to 317 miles* which means on a fully charged battery, you could travel from London to Birmingham, and back.**

*317 mile range for the Pure FWD grade only. Electric range figures are provided for comparability purposes, and can vary depending on factors such as selected grade and transmission, accessories fitted (post registration), driving style, weather conditions, speed or vehicle load. It is best to only compare electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect your real life driving results.

How to charge the All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X?

You will use a different cable to plug in depending on how you charge your vehicle. When you buy a Toyota electric vehicle, two cables will be included with the vehicle:

  • A 3 Pin Plug cable which is used for slow charging with a 3 pin plug at home.
  • A 32A Type A Mennekes cable which is used for fast charging at home with a dedicated EV charger or when you are using a fast public charger.
  • When you use a public rapid charger to charge your electric vehicle, the charger will have a cable fitted already, and you simply need to plug it into your vehicle.

Fast charging home units are much quicker to charge than a domestic socket. With the All-New All-Electric​ Toyota bZ4X, you can reach full recharge in around 6.5* - 10 hours^. Public chargers can be found in carparks and workplaces, you can even install one at home.

*With 11kW public wallbox

Home charger included as standard when you buy any new plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. Subject to availability and eligibility.

What does bZ4X mean?

The first half stands for Beyond Zero, the 4 signifies the size and X means it's an SUV/crossover.

Designed to defy expectation, the All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X offers a truly seamless driving experience – no matter the road conditions.

The All-New All-Electric​ Toyota bZ4X combines the sleek and advanced look of an electric vehicle with confident SUV design. The result is an innovative electric vehicle that performs whatever the terrain, turning heads wherever it goes.

The All-New All-Electric​ Toyota bZ4X offers a refined interior with ample legroom for all passengers, providing superior comfort and an unrivalled sense of space.

Standout design

Combining the sleek, advanced aerodynamics of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) with robust SUV power, bZ4X challenges expectations, with a tow capacity of 750kg.

Expressing an unconstrained appearance that takes advantage of the long wheelbase, the All-New All-Electric​ Toyota bZ4X low roof height contributes to the exceptional aerodynamics by reducing wind resistance for a remarkably smooth drive.

An optional panoramic roof adds exterior style, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness throughout the light and airy interior. When needed an electric shade protects against direct sunlight.

Only available on Motion, Vision and Premiere Edition.