Whatever your essential journey, make it SAFE

Since December 2020, most of us have not been driving as often as usual and have only been using our cars for essential journeys that we need to make. However, vehicles that are not used regularly can experience problems with key safety features like tyres and lights. Extended non-use of a vehicle can also lead to issues like faulty bulbs not being identified.

Because of the 6-month MOT exemptions that were introduced in March 2020, Snows garages currently have a vast amount of MOT slots available for April and May. It's important that we remind our valued customers of the importance of ensuring that your vehicle is safe and roadworth y, as more people start to drive on essential journeys.

Whatever your essential journey, make it SAFE

As the schools return, some people may need to use their vehicles more regularly. So, we’re recommending motorists do four things to ensure that their vehicle is safe to get back on the road:

Service or health check if needed
Air in tyres
Fill up screenwash
xamine lights and tyre tread

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Posted on 05/03/2021