Stronger Together. Discover what the Snows team are doing to help our community during these unprecedented times.

Snows Basingstoke and Isle of Wight have been adopting methods to deal with customers, while keeping within government guidelines to give the team plenty of distancing, as well as good customer interaction.

The below photos show how the teams have put barriers in place to welcome customers, but not allowing them to enter the dealership. There is also a table with gloves and a key drop-off cardboard box when customers deliver their vehicle to us.

What's more, in Basingstoke they have even turned the end service desk into a sanitising station for the keys etc. with gloves available also.

Robert Newton explains how this has been working well, and we are serving customers at well over 2 meters distance. The customers also like the fact that they can still have a conversation with a person but at a very safe distance. Well done guys for your innovative thinking and keeping that level of customer care to the best standard possible during these times.

Last updated on 29/04/2020