Memorable, unforgettable and truly a 'bucket list' experience...

Snows' Route 66 prize draw winner, Hazel Marke, tells us all about her incredible experience along the USA's Mother Road.

Snows are thrilled to welcome back our lucky prize draw winner, Hazel Marke, happy returns from her holiday like no other! Last year, Mrs. Hazel Marke won a once in a lifetime experience when she decided to enter our Route 66 prize draw. What could have just been an average test drive in a new Toyota Prius at our Snows Toyota Waterlooville branch, ended up being an incredible competition success story. Mrs. Marke and her daughter Joanne won the opportunity to take on one of the most famous roads in the world - Route 66.

On Thursday 21st September, Hazel and Joanne Marke began their American adventure once they arrived in Chicago. Their first night was spent at the distinct Vrooman Mansion in Bloomington, where upon arrival they were greeted by the current owner and given a grand tour around the house. Hazel explained how, "Everything was kept the same from the early 1900's" creating a truly vintage and original experience from America's history.

In the morning it was time to get the Route 66 journey on the road! For their first morning coffee, Hazel and Joanne stopped off at the Cozy Dog Dinner, a significant establishment full of Route 66 merchandise and artifacts. American dinners do not get more traditional and iconic than this road side cafe.

One trip along the journey involved driving into Oatman, Arizona, a famous wild west town described famously as a 'ghost town'. The lively atmosphere of this town can help travel you back to old Western America, with the historic buildings, traditional layout and even wild donkeys called Burros walking up and down the streets. Pictured on the left is the local hotel and cafe that Hazel and Jo visited, where all the wills had $1 bills with messages stuck on the walls. Hazel estimated there must have been around $5,000 across the whole cafe!

Hazel Marke told us about her most memorable moment along the journey; the Grand Canyon experience. On Saturday 23rd September, Mrs. Marke and her daughter Joanne were set to have a Pink Jeep tour around the famous landmark. Instead they were both surprised with an upgraded 'Sun Set tour' where the two could witness the breath-taking views and soak in the surroundings of a geographical legend. What's more, this special tour meant that Hazel and Joanne could then watch the gorgeous sun set from a spot on the rocks.

The next day, Hazel treated her daughter to a fantastic helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon - a moment they will both never forget.

When Hazel and Joanne Marke reached the mid-point between Los Angeles and Chicago, the two decided to stop off in a cafe where they witnessed a group of 20 bikers taking shelter from the rain. There is so much American spirit that lives along this famous road, and the two travelers definitely got a taste of it.

Hazel and Jo were guests to a wide range of quirky and unusual accommodations, like the Blue Swallows Motel where they managed to enjoy an evening on a swing chair outside their room, watching the sunset with a glass of wine. Their last night was spent in the extremely recogniseable Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino, apparently much more spacious on the inside than it looks from the outside. These are all just some of the few things that make this route a bucket-list classic.

The icing on the cake when Hazel and Joanne Marke set for their return flight home, was a fabulous upgrade from Premium to Business Class. The luck just keeps on coming!

The whole team at Snows are thrilled to hear that our well deserved Route 66 winners had a wonderful experience, full of unforgettable moments that the two can treasure for a lifetime.

The whole team at Snows thrilled to hear that our well deserved Route 66 winners had a wonderful experience, full of unforgettable moments that the two can treasure for a lifetime.

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Author: Sophie Taylor

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Posted on 24/10/2017