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Good news. The future’s looking brighter with warmer weather and the lockdown starting to ease. It is now time to make your Toyota safe and ready for your future travels on the roads.

Whatever it needs and wherever it takes you; we’ll make sure your Toyota is good to go. Here we're giving you more information about looking after your Toyota yourself, here are our top tips for easing yourself and your car into summer safely.

Staycation Ready

Sort your set up before you set off with a range of accessories designed for the perfect fit for your Toyota.

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Check It Out

Give your car a visual inspection. Whilst doing so, ensure you look at as much of the car as you can get to including the wheel arches, bonnet, and underneath for any damage or sleeping animals!

Essential Safety Kit

It's important to keep a safety kit inside your car. Inclue essential's like a warning triangle, jack, hi-vis vest and first aid kit.

Try Your Brakes

To remove any brake corrosion, move at a snail's pace in a quiet area and gently push the brake pedal a few times.

Keep it Clean

​Tidy car, tidy mind! Give the inside a clean with some bleach-free antibacterial wipes. Then take a soapy sponge for the exterior.

Fill Up Your Fluids

Check the brake fluid, oil and windscreen washer levels and top up before you travel.

Top Tyres Up

​For smooth travel, make sure all of your tyres are inflated, and don't forget the spare!

Turn On The Engine

When first starting your car, let the engine run for 20 minutes or so to restore any lost battery power.