Toyota lead National Forensic Marking Scheme

Toyota have joined forces with Smartwater, the long established market leader in the forensic marking of products and the National Police coordinators, led by Superintendent Mark Cleland (National Lead for Metal Crime) to launch a nationwide rollout of FREE Smartwater invisible marking for Catalytic Converters.

Smartwater Group are the brand leader in forensic marking, once applied the “invisible marker” is guaranteed to last 5 years, they have a proven track record of securing conviction through the Courts and are despised by criminals. Through their very strong links with the UK Police they have a proven track record for crime reduction where their invisible forensic marking products are used. Specifically, in the fight against Catalytic Converter crime Smartwater Group manage the National database for the police, recording all crime incidents, known locations of the thieves, as well as where arrests have been made. This intelligence has enabled the police to increase their focus on tackling this crime.

The Police “Metal Crime” team are planning a National Week of Action (WoA) on the 19th of April, during this period they will be visiting scrap yards, recycling plants and mobile collectors in a bid to clamp down on the illegal buying and selling of stolen Catalytic Converters. Also, during the WoA, which involves 38 Police Forces around the country, Toyota GB will be donating a significant volume of Smartwater Forensic Marking kits to each police force to start the process of invisibly marking Catalytic Converters.

DC Elliot Crump stood outside Snows Toyota Chichester