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Trainee Business Centre Executive James Lonergan Praises Snows Corporate Team for Excellent Guidance

In December 2015, we met James Lonergan for the first time, and he told us how he’d found himself applying for jobs in the motor industry once he realised he was a real people-person with a desire to work in a customer-facing environment.

James now has a comprehensive product knowledge with which to assist his clients.

He’s now been with Snows – specifically Snows Toyota – for over half a year, and he says that the time has flown by. He’s now got the ball rolling, and knows exactly how to go about his average day… although no two days are ever the same! The automotive trade is full of surprises, and there’s always something new going on, whether it’s the latest model, innovative technologies, or concepts for the future.

James describes his days as utterly “unpredictable”. You can usually find him looking for new business opportunities, whether he’s reaching out to new businesses or making contact with prospects, in order to develop his database. However, this Snows Toyota Trainee Business Centre Executive already knows the value of looking after his existing customers; James ensures that he spends a portion of each day catching up with his current contacts to guarantee that they’re receiving the best possible service. Plus, he says that the most important thing in this role is making sure you keep your word.

But it’s still a case of taking each day as it comes. James reports that in this role, it’s almost impossible to make a decision based on past experiences. This is one of the main challenges he’s faced, as it sometimes feels like he’s taking one step forward and two steps back. It’s hard to have a day where he’s put in a lot of effort and the results aren’t immediately visible. But he understands that all his work builds to a great result, and the most enjoyable aspect of the role has to be the buzz he gets when a deal is sealed.

James applauds the support he’s had from the corporate team at Snows, specifically Ali Rutt – Business Centre Manager at Snows Toyota Southampton and James’s mentor. Ali “really knows his stuff” and “always has the answers” to any difficulties James is facing. A special thanks also goes out to Chris Rogers, who “went the extra mile,” taking James out for a few days to demonstrate prospecting for business. The Corporate Team at Snows are dedicated to finding fleet solutions for businesses, whether one vehicle or one hundred are needed. You can discover more about the team by clicking here.

James is looking forward to utilising his new skills in order to network and is keen to explore new avenues to make the most of his role. He’s already attended networking events and presentations, and finds it especially inspiring to speak with successful businesspeople who might be looking to find their fleet solution. James pointed out that being able to provide the answers to his clients – who are business owners in their own right – is particularly rewarding. He notes the importance of being able to retain and convey specialist pieces of information, suggesting that anyone with an interest in this career should have an eye for detail.

James plans on building his role by developing the great interpersonal skills he had when he first started, with the technical knowledge and expertise that he’s gained since starting with Snows Toyota. Building a rapport with existing and new clients, he hopes to have thirty of his own customers in the database by the end of 2016. We’ll catch up with him later on in the year to find out how he’s progressing, so stay tuned!

Snows has 28 dealerships across the South of England, stretching from Plymouth to Guildford, and including the Isle of Wight. The Group prides itself on its reputation and dedication to delivering excellent customer service, and is rewarded by the fact that over half of its business comes from returning customers. With Snows, driving becomes an experience, rather than a chore.

Author: Charlotte Saunders

Please contact Charlotte Saunders using or 02380 707750 with all press enquiries.

Posted on 01/08/2016 by Snows in Toyota, Uncategorized with 1 comment