Tyre and Alloy Insurance

For complete peace of mind, Tyre and Alloy Insurance protects your wheel and alloy against accidental or malicious damage, covering the cost of repair or replacement, including punctures.

What are the Benefits:

  • Helping to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle
  • Mobile repair network that can carry out repairs at your work or home
  • Simple claims process
  • Protects against unforeseen damage
  • Prevents against unexpected costs

What is Covered?



Should you experience accidental or malicious damage to a tyre during the period of cover, the insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement A maximum amount of £150 (inc VAT) for each individual claim
£250 or £450 per tyre replacement (inc VAT) and £1,250 or £2,250 in total
Repairs will be undertaken by our apporved and appointed repairers
When the tyre can be repaired, the cover will pay for the repair up to a maximum of £50 per tyre In the event that the alloy wheel is damaged beyond repair, the policy will also pay up to a maximum of £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel
Up to 5 replacement tyres for the duration of your policy
Up to 10 alloy wheel claims for the duration of your policy
In addition, the cover will provide for unlimited puncture repairs up to the combined maximum level of cover of the policy
A maximum cost of £1,500 in total for the duration of your policy
Up to £50 (inc VAT) per tyre puncture
Unlimited puncture repairs up to the combined maximum policy limit
Specific incidents that result in damage to the tyre and cause a repair or replacement to be required – not general wear & tear
Any amounts in excess of the policy limits are the responsibility of the customer
Cover is for 36 months

The product is only available from Snows when you purchase a new or used vehicle from one of our regulated dealers. Terms and conditions apply which are available on request.

The Insurance Product Information Document "IPID" provides a simple summary of the main features and benefits of this insurance. Download your copy below.

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