Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

​Available from Snows across Southern England

Personal Contract Hire is one of the most popular ways to buy a new car. PCH is a type of long-term rental that will suit you if you're not looking to buy the car at the end of the finance agreement. You will need to agree an approximate mileage estimate at the beginning of your contract and have comprehensive car insurance.

How does Contract Hire work?

You lease the car for an agreed period of time by making fixed monthly payments. When the contract expires you simply return the car and can take out a contract on a new vehicle.

What are the benefits?

✓ Flexible
✓ No balloon payment at the end of the contract
✓ Fixed payments, enabling easy budgeting
✓ Some PCH packages come with maintenance included
✓ Smaller deposits can be placed
✓ Typically lower monthly payments than PCP
✓ You won't have concerns about the depreciation of the vehicle

Is there any cons?

Personal Contract Hire agreements will have a mileage limit
The vehicle usually needs to be returned in "good condition" meaning you could be charged for repairs
There may be a restriction on taking the vehicle abroad
You won't own – or have the option to own – the car or van at the end of the agreement

If you are interested in a Personal Contract Hire agreement, simply wish to find out more or have a play with our finance calculators, visit our dedicated Leasing website at or call the team on 0330 373 0831.