Lotus Exige Sport 350

On the inside. Sporty, spacious layout. On the inside, the Lotus Exige Sport 350 features a spacious, race-inspired cockpit with an array of technology to improve performance, efficiency and fun. Adopting weight-saving carbon fibre race seats, a CD player and optional in-car entertainment system including iPod connectivity and Bluetooth functionality. The Exige Sport 350 was the first Lotus to feature a lightweight, exposed aluminium manual gear shifter. Now, it remains as satisfying as ever, allowing faster and more precise shifts with its engaging, mechanical feel.
Technology Like all Lotus cars, aerodynamics is what makes them stand out from the crowd and gives the supercar models that advantage in power and drive. Delivering an experience like no other that has to be admired, due to the quality and careful engineering of Lotus manufacturers. The aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in the Exige Sport 380 to drastically expand the limits that this car can reach. Extensive CFD modelling work has allowed fine tuning in specific areas that makes substantial improvements to the overall drive. With modified air flow from the revised front access panel and horizontally mounted radiators, the Exige Sport 380 has the cruising ability and reduced pressure.